I enjoy painting with watercolour and gouache. They tend to be pretty forgiving if you make a mistake - something I often do when painting. The only thing I dislike is the lack of mobility.


To resolve this, I started to play around with an iPad and Adobe CC. I have learned that digital art is the most forgiving medium there is!


Scroll to see a mix of digital works and digitized watercolours and sketches.

CamScanner 05-08-2020 11.23.06_8.jpg
CamScanner 05-03-2020 09.25.19_1.jpg
CamScanner 05-03-2020 09.25.19_3(2).jpg
CamScanner 05-03-2020 09.24.12_1.jpg
CamScanner 05-03-2020 09.25.19_5(2).jpg