• Scrum Master

  • User Researcher

  • User Experience Designer


The linguistics team had researched and developed a number of metrics that showed the users’ progress in the game, giving qualitative value to their sessions. There was no way of presenting them for the pilot of Argotian.


  • Figma

  • Adobe XD


  1. Design a simple portal that shows individual student metrics

  2. The portal must be ready for the pilot sessions with SFU


The "Portal" is a website paired with the EdTech VR game, Argotian. It visually summarizes learners' gameplay metrics and progression for teachers. We design a no-frills pilot version of this site to learn how and if teachers made use of it when their students were learning within the game.


User Persona

Using Adobe XD, I designed a user persona modelled off of teachers we were working with at SFU's ESL department. These teachers were extremely motivated and engaged in their student's success. Their willingness to adopt EdTech encourages me as a user researcher, as they were a captive audience.


User Requirements

Based on what the game can offer and the teacher requirements, we developed a clearer concept for the Portal. Our research established two functional requirements:

The Portal required simple branding as brand guidelines were not finalized. We emphasized functionality above aesthetics.


User Flow

The following user flow shows a teacher's path through the Portal. This flow includes the teacher's first time accessing the site and subsequent returns to view student metrics.



The interactive Figma file below shows the first iteration of the Portal. This version meets the overall goal of displaying student game metrics to teachers.



We applied the pilot to test basic functionality of the Portal and the VR game in the classroom. This testing exposed a number of possible improvements to the Portal, which we discussed with key stakeholders. The following table includes these findings:

Here is the wireframe showing what these updated features could look like:

Since Argotian is in active development for market, I am unable to provide a walkthrough of the end product. However, the user research indicated that the pilot Portal is well-received by teachers. They enjoyed the ability to see what their students were doing in the game. However, one drawback is that consulting the Portal while interacting with students was a multi-tasking challenge. Further iterations could aim for increased Portal efficiency to minimize this issue.

As the Scrum Master for this project, I allocated tasks to developers and designers, coordinated with team members to ensure the progress was on track, and shared any issues with the project manager.

Other related projects I was involved with include the RESEARCH I conducted for Argotian and the VR TUTORIAL where I provided game design.