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Hi, hey, hello!

I'm Wilson, Mary Wilson (indulge me while I play out my 007 fantasy).

Now, you may be wondering why I have a website purely to showcase my portfolio which is, at present, looking pretty bare. That's because I am brand-spanking new to User Experience!

Before my UX journey, I lived in Australia and graduated with a Business Management in Marketing and Advertising degree. I moved to "sunny" Vancouver with a Canadian citizenship to get to try my luck in the tech-sphere since it is, clearly, the place to be.

So, after a lot of coaxing from some coworkers, I completed a course in the field at BrainStation. Feel free to check out VENTO, a prototype I made (link is on the homepage).

In all honesty, UX is now such a large part of my life that it has changed the way I interact and use apps/websites. I now notice every minuscule detail and can picture the thought process behind each decision. It is as much of an obsession as it is a passion.

I am really excited to make some contributions to the field and document them here.

And with that -

I'll be back...

(please indulge again.. can't resist Arnold!)

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